Aura of recapitulation!
What i am!!
Abstractness is a friend, a compatriot, a partner.It helps you think what you might not normally think, which is what i believe in.....view everything from a different angle.What i write is simply what i feel, when i feel it, and how i feel it, it's not what i'm asked to write, it's what i want to write, all my writings are dedicated to some very special people, who inspire me to write.Thank you!!

The first stroke on the canvas! Naqsh :The journey from start to end, the first strike of the chisel on a rock to make a sculpture!
kNuMB:Pronounced as Numb, is symbolic of the phase that transcends the physical world connecting a person with the spiritual energy of the universe. One might be numb by worldly standard but is in fact on a heightened plane of awareness, of energy and of enlightenment. All of kNuMBā€™s music reflects this phase, this sudden rush of energy which gives birth to music in our case and all art in general. Only art is everlasting, hard hitting and binds us all in a silent understanding of the things the artist has felt and tried to convey to his listeners.
kNumb Sometimes you just feel you were destined for greatness, and sometimes you feel as if you're good for nothing, times change, but the person doesn't, have faith in yourself, faith can do what noone else can! Somethings end, somethings don't mean to end but they do, they just rust, fade away slowly.But then again where there is deforming there is always reforming.That is what Ibteda is all about.A new beginning, moving on....!!

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